These slides, updated to include enrollment data from the current 2016-2017 school year, capture the shifting public education landscape within Kansas City Public Schools boundaries in Kansas City, Missouri.

Click here for the “Area Profile, Kansas City School District (1980 to 2014)” prepared by the City Planning and Development Department of Kansas City using US Census and America Community Survey data. This is a good general reference document.

Unless otherwise specified, all data analysis on Set the Schools Free is conducted by me using publicly available data from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). Where data is missing from existing data sets, or is not readily available, I’ve requested additional data from DESE to fill in the holes.

Because of the fragmented nature of our school district (KCPS + 22 charter organizations operating 39 individual schools) putting some of this information together to develop a full picture is a bit like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. Sometimes a piece gets lost in the shuffle. 

I am, of course, responsible for any errors in data analysis. If you think my numbers are wrong, or would like to better understand how I got them, feel free to contact me at settheschoolsfree[at]gmail[dot]com.